Czar`s Gold Vodka


CZAR`S GOLD is distilled according to a Petrine-era recipe with honey and lime tree flower infusion. It is distilled from deluxe rectified alcohol and the purest Lake Ladoga water. CZAR`S GOLD is purified by flowing through a succession of special membrane filters. Drop by precious drop, CZAR`S GOLD is purified by flowing through gold-threaded filters.Only CZAR`S GOLD is enriched by 24-carat gold ions.

For the last 10 years Czar’s Gold and Imperial Collection Gold have won awards at following prestigious Russian and international tasting competitions and food exhibitions.

Our ancient forebears were aware of the rejuvenating properties of gold. No wonder Egyptian faraone couldn`t get enough of this precious metal. Cleopatra used gold thread implants to rejuvenate her facial skin. In Greek mythology, frequent mentions were made of «rejuvenating gold apples».

Czar`s Gold preserves the tradition of Russia’s golden age.

Composition: Ladoga Lake water, alcohol 40%

Manufacturer: Ladoga Group JSC

Origin: Russia



Quantity: 700 ml                                                        Quantity: 1000 ml

Alcohol: 40%                                                               Alcohol: 40%

Type of Packaging: Bottle Glass                                Type of Packaging: Bottle Glass

Barcode: 4603514002421                                          Barcode: 4603514002469