Czar’s Golden Snow Vodka

Vodka CZAR’S GOLDEN SNOW is a real masterpiece of the Imperial Collection vodka line, produced by Ladoga. The idea of creation of this vodka came after many years of worldwide success of CZAR’S GOLD vodka. The consumers request was for unique Russian vodka which has no competitors of the kind. Thus was born the new exclusive product: vodka CZAR’S GOLDEN SNOW, which Ladoga bottles exclusively for export supplies in strictly limited quantities.

The name C’ZARS GOLDEN SNOW was also not randomly found. Russian real winter is fascinating and unique phenomenon in its beauty. Tournaments of foreign tourists for Christmas and New Year in Russia are very popular. And fur, the gently sloping snow is an incomparable glamorous sight in Russia. Thus a concept of putting Russian Winter into each bottle. . If you take, shake and put down the bottle of CZAR’S GOLDEN SNOW you can experience the fascinating view of Imperial Russian winter with quietly falling snowflakes

The bottle in which C’ZARS SNOW GOLDEN is introduced is made of transparent medical glass with 24-karat gold decoration. Oval medal with the portrait of Russian emperor Peter I on the front of the bottle.

Ingredients: Drinking water with curative water, enlivened with refined ethyl “Lux”, “snowflake” 23 carat gold.

Quantity: 0.7 L.

Alcohol: 40%

Type of Packaging: Glass Bottle

Barcode: 4603514006160