Czar’s Original Vodka

Premium Russian Vodka

CZAR`S Vodka is distilled according to a recipe that goes back to the era of Peter the Great. CZAR`S ORIGINAL is made at Ladoga`s “gift” production line in St. Petersburg from premium wheat alcohol and soft Ladoga Lake water. A lime tree flower infusion and lime tree honey are added for flavor.

Before it is bottled, CZAR`S Vodka is allowed to settle for a while to develop a more mellow taste. Czar’s never hurry.

Let CZAR`S Vodka be a truly regal addition to your festive table!

Content: Ladoga Lake water, alcohol 40%

Manufacturer: Ladoga Group JSC

Origin: Russia


Quantity: 700 ml                                                         Quantity: 1000 ml

Packaging Type: Glass Bottle                                    Type of Packaging: Bottle Glass

Barcode: 4603514002704                                          Barcode: 4603514000922