Czar’s Village Vodka

Premium vodka

Ladoga Holding presents CZAR`S VILLAGE, an exclusive super premium vodka distilled with honey and infused with bird cherries and raspberry leaves according to a unique recipe that was considered irretrievably lost for ages, but has been recently discovered in the archives of the Tsarskoe Selo museum. This vodka from the cellars of the Romanovs` summer residence was the preferred beverage at official receptions, ballroom parties and masquerades.

It was also the official beverage for Russian monarchial coronations. The rite of coronation, or “ascension to the throne”, which goes back to the reign of Ivan III, was always a rich and glamorous event. The coronation ceremony went on for three consecutive days, but this vodka`s unique recipe allowed the royals and their courtiers to stay in shape throughout the marathon of libations.

Even court doctors recognized the beneficial properties of this beverage. “It is good for your heart and stomach; it invigorates you and makes you feel warm inside”, wrote one doctor in his report. Court physicians used this vodka as a cure for many an ailment, both physical and mental, generously dispensing it to patients in pure or infused form.

Composition: Ladoga Lake water, alcohol 40%     Manufacturer: Ladoga Group JSC

Origin: Russia

Quantity: 750 ml

Type of Packaging: Glass Bottle

Barcode: 4603514001448