Energy Drink


Energy Drink B52 “Original from Holland”. A real energetic drink with a distinctive character.  A clear, bright golden colored energy drink with caffeine, taurine and added vitamins. Sweet that give you the boost you need. Aroma and flavor pique your interest: deliciously fruity, deliciously sweet. The taste brings you sweet notes of cherries, pineapple and vanilla, the balance between sweet and sour produces a drink with bite. After just a few sips, you’ll be loaded with energy. An enjoyable way to refuel. Drink with light acidity.


The energetic drink B52 is also produced only and exclusively in Holland. This energetic drink is produced by the “Bavaria” Company.

The brand name B52 is taken from the name of B52 bombing aircraft, which is known for its combat power during World War II. In 1998-1999, the B52 aircraft was used to stop the genocide of Serbs in Kosovo. Even nowadays the famous aircraft is known for its extraordinary power.

The distinguishing marks of the original product are:

Country of production qualifying as “Produced in Holland”

The can gray and red color with “Barcode 871 …”

“Red cork” on the top of the can. The innovation of 2015 year that creates a competitive edge with fake products and even direct competitors.


Quantity: 250 ml     Unit / Crate: 24 Pieces

Type of Packaging: Cans      Barcode: 8714800012645