Each drop of Jelen beer is permeated with the centuries-old experience and the passion of our brewers to turn the best ingredients into beer of superior taste. A light beer of recognizable flavor, accompanied by a pleasant bitterness, gives the unique refreshing taste of Jelen Beer, which is the favorite choice of all lovers of a quality lager. Jelen Beer is served at a temperature of 3 to 5 C ° in order to keep the quality

Jelen pivo (Serbian Cyrillic: Јелен пиво, Serbian pronunciation: [jělen pîːʋo]) is a pale lager produced by the Apatin Brewery from Serbia that belongs to American-Canadian concern Molson Coors. It contains 5% alcohol and belongs to the class of light lagers. Jelen has won various awards within Serbia and participates in a variety of sponsorships. Its logo is a bugling red deerjelen means deer.

full, as it came out of the brewery.