Swinckels’ (5.3%)

Swinckels’ has a golden yellow, clear colour. A hop-like and refreshing beer, with a full and refreshingly sweet aroma and a flavour of hop and spices. Fruity and spicy. An intense flavour, enhanced by the Cascade hop and its pleasant bitters, above-averagely full for a pilsner. The beer is full bodied, in which the pleasant bitter lingers across the length of the palete. Swinckels’ concludes with a spicy finish.

Swinckels’ is a full-malt pilsner that is brewed in Lieshout.  Swinckels’ is made with a blend of Cascade hop from the American Yakima valley and the Polaris hop from the Hallertau region in Germany. These hops give Swinckels’ its unique character, which can be described as slightly spicy and fruity with a refined bitter, concluding with a beautiful, smooth aftertaste. The combination of a unique blend of hop varieties, mineral water from Bavaria’s own spring and especially selected wheat malt from Bavaria’s own malting plant creates a unique flavour and gives Swinckels’ its distinctive, complex and refreshing character.

Food suggestions: Asian dishes, appetizers with fish, sashimi, Peking duck

Quantity: 330 ml     Unit / crate: 24 Pieces

Type of Packaging: Glass Bottle    Barcode: 87308174